oh bb turn me on

Zero motivation to do the homework for the class that I failed during the summer, which is the ONLY class I need for my degree -.- coulda had it by now. That should be motivation enough. Sighhhhh too tired :/


you are nobody’s everything
no one is coming for you
you do not occupy space
in anyone’s mind regularly
you are not unique
you are an animal

To be happy you need to be comfortable in your own skin.
In a place you don’t hate.
Around people you love.
Doing work that doesn’t leave you empty.

I want to die my hair different colors and get tattoos and wear the kind of clothes that I wish I could wear. Get a job that is at least fun even if it pays shitty. Move to another state. I’m tired of saying “someday”.

I hate being stuck. Every year I get older, and every year I haven’t even begun to live the life I want to live.

What a waste. Waiting on people is a waste.

Waiting on yourself is a waste.